Being in the industry for more than 9 years, we don’t see why the sky is the limit when there’s a perfectly fine spacecraft waiting for us to take off. We not only strive to create awesome roadshows and campaigns but we also make sure that the target audience has the names of the brands we work with ingrained into their (young) souls… Our forte is marketing brands to the Youth of Malaysia and aside from running roadshows at campuses, we also execute roadshows at kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Our specialty is education, sales and brand awareness roadshows to create brand loyalty in the minds of the young.

Therefore, seeing as how Avante is an all-rounder *commence head enlarging sequence* and we generally get things done even after the sun goes down, we are honored that Osem, the e-learning mobile application chose us to rung their branding campaign.

The roadshow is planned to run from April till August in 155 schools in Klang Valley with a huge reach of 77, 500 primary school children. We brought OSEM to these schools to educate students on the best method in preparing for UPSR and PT3 examinations. It comes with a multiplayer question battle, note sharing and homework helper that helps students score better.

This e-learning mobile application allows students to set weekly goals and build a friendly competitive spirit by challenging other students to answer questions quick and spot on.

The students of participating schools were given opportunities not only to assist their schools in winning the inter-school national tournament but also winning various prizes such as a Playstation 4, a Hoverboard and a trip to Legoland as individual prizes.

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