How can your brand be remembered and easily recalled by the youth?
Here are 4 ways your brand can reach and leave a lasting impression on the youth.

  1. Kindergarten & School Activation

    School and Kindergarten Activation

    • Why the youth?
      • Education is of the utmost importance for young children. There is a crucial need for hygiene measures and practices, as well as educating the children on the importance of healthy and nutritional food consumption.
    • How?
      • Brands could get the support from kindergarten, schools and parents across the country to teach children on these key aspects of their lives. Furthermore, by incorporating your brand product or service, the message of your brand can be spread to educational institutions across the country. Early education of children can help mold them into future adult citizens of tomorrow.

  2. Campus Activation

    • Students in universities and colleges often have the need to save money in their daily lives. Your brand could offer exclusive student promotions on-ground, bringing your brand directly to your target customers. Also, with over a million students studying in public and private universities in Malaysia, both local and foreign, increasing your brands’ awareness is the smartest thing to do.
    • Why campus students?
      • Here’s why students are the best target market for your brand: As they grow older, the early acquisition and recognition of your brand when they were students will grow to become brand loyalty in the long run as they become working adults.

  3. Office

    Nestle Drumstick Roving

    • Why offices?
      • This form of activation hits people when they least expect it- on their daily commute to work. Breaking away from mundane work schedules gives an impact to an individual psychologically. These breaks are exactly what people need to de-stress and re-charge for the rest of the workday. Not only that, being there with your brand as a break from work life leaves a positive impression on consumers who engage with you. This leaves consumers happy and relates your brand to something positive in their lives.

  4. Digital

    • Why go digital?
      • 93% of young adults ages 18-29 go online. It is now more than ever are the youth on the internet, on their mobile phones or their computers. Marketing digitally with accurate consumer targeting will make your brand be seen by students across the country. Not only is social media a key channel for marketing your brand, but search engines and app marketing are other avenues important to diversify your brand awareness.
    • How do you go digital?
      • Also, depending on your message and goals, both videos and images are viable methods to market your brand. Fun and uniquely crafted content will attract younger audiences to engage with your brand digitally.

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