Avante Futsal Club (Avante FC) was formed by young and enthusiast Avanterian hunks that thirst for adrenaline. Formed in 2016, it’s been an exciting journey for our sports chi. The game was only played for an hour a week then, but now we play few hours consistently. We have several venues that we always showcase our skills such as Frenzy Sports Arena Shah Alam and Ferro Futsal USJ but now we claim Extreme Park Futsal Shah Alam as our home ground.
Our regular starters are Aizad Costa, Nabale, Fauzan Xhaka, Farhan Benzema, Arul Walcott, Wan Cantona, Faizal de Bruyne, Izmie Giggs, Liam Neuer, Daryl De Gea, Arif Dalglish, Hakim Alves, and Farhan Griezmann. Plus, we do have few additional players which are friends of ours.
Our club do have some ups and downs but the beautiful game has brought us closer and strengthen our bond. Cheers to more games and GOALS!!!


Written by
Avante Event Exec