Greetings everyone! Let me introduce myself. I am Sandy Ho from UTAR and currently majoring in Bachelor of Computer Science. I work here as an intern in website development for 3 months. So basically what you are seeing now, this entire website, is designed by me. Hope you have the best experience while browsing through this website!

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” -Milton Glaser

Indeed, to be the best, you aim the best, that’s the path of a web designer and developer. I always find inspirations from my life and apply it into the website. You can never survive with one skill alone. Hence, I applied my design skills together with my programming skills. This aided me a lot in troubleshooting bugs, errors and funky output of the website. I polish my design skills as my hobby whereas for my programming skills, I learned it in my majors.

FP Avante is a youth marketing company. Since I am from the Faculty of Information Technology, I experienced different environment from an IT firm, which is a new experience to me. We learn, we grow. All the FP Avante teams are friendly and always eager to help each other. We give support and provide efficient results. Never fear new environment, always tackle the unknown.

Besides that, FP Avante have an area for employees to “lepak” and relax to maximize employees experience, YouthLab. This space is currently available for rent to anyone who want to organise event and etcetera. It is a very relaxing area with all the “canggih” furnitures and decorations. It also brainstorms the creative and media department employees.

I will be leaving FP Avante, so thanks for everything FP Avanterians! All the best!

Always remember, you are awesome.