Looking at things right now, social distancing is here to stay. At least, for the next foreseeable future. With the Covid-19 pandemic circulating globally, it’s safe to assume that conventional methods to promote your brand will have to be put on pause. How then can your brand reach audiences during MCO besides utilising social media? Here are 5 ways your brand can reach Malaysian youths!


  1. Sampling


    Students in all campuses are either at home or stuck at their hostel. There’s no way for you to reach them because we’re all on a movement control order. However, you can have select individuals to give out your samples to.


    By mailing your samples directly to them! With samples right at their doorstep during these difficult times, your brand recognition and loyalty may just go up. Also, as a student, it doesn’t hurt to recieve free stuff from brands. They’ll appreciate it even more!

  2. Get Feedback From Your Customers

    Surveys are the quickest and easiest way to understand your customers. Many products and services before launching require surveys to gauge how your brand can make its next move.

    Surveys are said to be key to predicting consumer behaviour and feelings. What better time to understand your young customers than now? Understandably, there are many matrices out there to analyse customer behaviour but sometimes it’s still best to go straight to the source and ask them yourself.

  3. Brand Product Reviews

    We’ve seen reviews everywhere. Some of us even swear by it, ensuring that the store, product or service is at least 4 stars before we decide on a purchase. Youths of this day are even more so influenced by reviews. Reviews are important to a brand because it helps build trust and loyalty. It also describes what sets your products apart from others.

    Having young consumers review your brand products are pivotal during MCO. Customers can not go to your stores to test your products or listen to your promoters explain your services. How then can your young customers base their purchase decisions on?

    Brand product reviews.

    By having the youth review your product and them sharing that information to their friends, your brand can be seen in a positive light by others. With this word of mouth marketing, it’s surely to boost brand awareness and eventually, sales.

  4. Social Viral

    Viral your content across social media & messaging platforms via share, like & comment.

    Do you have a new promotion you’d like to share with young consumers? Are you launching a new product or service? Maybe you just want to remind customers that your brand is still in the market with great offers.

    The best method for you then is to have your social media content shared on Instagram and Facebook.

    The youth are glued to their screens with the MCO. Facebook has seen an increase of 50% usage since the global pandemic. On the other hand, Instagram has about a 76% increase in user usage. You need to catch this trend and turn it to your advantage. By focusing your marketing efforts on Facebook and Instagram, your brand can reach millions of youths instantly. By sharing your content, the brand awareness for your campaigns should skyrocket.

  5. Create Campaigns with PAYOUTH

    Connect with your brand via product sampling, sales, review & many more

    PAYOUTH has the services that your brand needs to conduct sampling, gather feedback from your customers, review your products online and encourage social viral of your brand. Not only is PAYOUTH the best app for you to join, it’s the ONLY app in Malaysia that’s offering these services to target students in Malaysia.

    How Does It Work?

Payouth - How it works

  1. First, we will create a campaign brief for you depending on your objective.
  2. On the PAYOUTH platform, we will create a job brief for the app itself
  3. Once we’ve created the job for your target audience, we will come up with creative contents for students to engage with
  4. The results of this, is 100% measurable


Here are the facts:

  • 55.9% of users are between 20-30 years old. They dominate the internet users segment in Malaysia
  • 8 hours spent online are by younger respondents that were in their 20’s
  • 73.8% share content online across social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter
  • 90.8% understood the content before circulating it to others
  • 82% own a Facebook account out of 24.7 million social networking users. This is followed by Instagram accounts (4%).

    Why Would ANYONE Complete Tasks on PAYOUTH?
    Payouth pay youths

    Students during this MCO are stuck at home, bored and are having a hard time earning money. With PAYOUTH, students can complete tasks online for points, and these points are redeemable to cashout for money! They can do this all from the comfort of their homes.

    If you’re keen to push your brand to reach Malaysian youths, join PAYOUTH today! To find out more, E-mail us at hello@avante.com.my.