ESCAFÉ M-Junction

Remember the times when you were young (if you were born that long ago) the wonder of sitting in your car to watch an exciting movie with your family?


It’s no longer a memory!

FP Avante is the official youth marketing agency for the NESCAFÉ M-Junction drive in cinema which is finally here! With the current PKP in Malaysia, this is your chance to watch a movie with people you care about.

No more one seat apart, no more ‘no talking’ during a movie. You have the privacy and comfort of your own vehicle to enjoy the movie!

It’s an experience of a lifetime.

The huge LED screen is 4 meters by 9 meters and the  movie selections are a wide range of popular recent releases and classics both international and local. Movies such as Legacy of Lies, Braven, The Greatest Showman, Jangan Pandang Belakang, 300: Rise of the Empire, Annabelle, Titanic and many more!  Ticket prices start from RM 99 only which includes entry for 2 pax in a car, movie passes for 2 AND food with drinks! If you think about it, it’s a great deal!

Let me describe to you this amazing experience.


Upon entering the premises from the main road of Jalan Ampang, my friend and I saw a large NESCAFÈ M-Junction arch that invites you in. Then, we were given numbers in order of our car arrangements. SUV, Sedan and Small cars are arranged in separate rows. Larger cars will be arranged at the last row automatically.

What’s awesome about this is that you don’t have to get out from your car if you need to order extra food and drinks! There will be a scannable QR code attached with the user guide for orders. Once orders are made, all you have to do is sit back, enjoy your movie and before you know it, your food and drinks will be delivered to your car!

I’m sure you’re worrying how the audience can hear the movie if it’s in such an open area? NESCAFÉ M-Junction has got that covered for you. The organisers will install Bluetooth speakers connected by the provided AUX cable. It really sounds like a movie theatre in your car!

I’m sure you’re also worrying about the carbon emissions your car emits during the movie, right? Again, NESCAFÉ M-Junction has a solution for you. They provide portable chargeable fans with stands for your movie watching convenience. That means you can switch off your car engine and you won’t have to switch on your air cond! How environmentally friendly.

Isn’t that great?

The schedule is updated on their Official Website. Ticket purchases are also made on their website. All food and beverages offered are Halal.


There is a 30% discount for students from now until the 10th of August! Wait no more.

It was all in all a wonderful experience.

If you’d like to organise youthful and creative events such as this, e-mail us at Till then, stay safe and see you at the drive-in cinema!