Avante 2020Avante 10th Anniversary

Happy year of the Rat, everyone! We kicked off this Lunar New Year with our annual Avante Town Hall. New plans, ideas and strategies were presented. The sharing session left Avanterians thoroughly refreshed, energised and ready to take on 2020

Avante 10th Anniversary

It is also Avante’s 10th year anniversary!

Avante 10th AnniversaryAvante 10th Anniversary

A beautiful cake was made to commemorate this amazing milestone for Avante. Our CEO, Faizal Ahamed and CFO, Alex Kong reenacting the iconic Avante scene; a moment shared in Taiwan.

Later, we proceeded to New World hotel for our CNY Dinner and the food was bomb! Did I mention our very own build-yourself Yee Sang?

You know how the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. The same goes for FP Avante. From humble beginnings of a team of 8 people to now a large family. We now organise up to 1600+ events a year! Our proudest moments include: being one of the panel agencies for Celcom for the past few years. We have also helped revolutionise Campus Entrepreneurship Programs by deploying 8 Nescafe Hubs nationwide where students are trained to run their own coffee kiosk.

Furthermore, we are part of Libresse’s successful growth ever since they entered the Malaysian market in 2010. Annually, we brought their brand to over 80 campuses nationwide to further strengthen their brand presence among the Youth. Aside from Youth at campuses, we extended our services to include children at kindergartens as well as schools. This came about when we brought Dettol on a nationwide tour to teach the next generation good hygiene practices. 

Our successes in winning the hearts of many clients culminated in our very own campus carnival, Campus Mania since 2013, and since then we have brought more than 50 clients to the top universities in Malaysia in more than 350 days of roadshows, 6 to 8 brands per tour.  

We have serviced over 100 multinational corporate clients with more than 20 repeat clients year on year. An exciting year awaits as we are also embarking on our new Payouth app, where we reward students cold hard cash whenever they complete a social task. Avante has also diversified into the F&B business with our newly launched brand, BEKU

Avante 10th Anniversary

Providing top notch services of uniqueness is what we offer. We are always moving forward to a better future. Some say that Avanterians are a crazy bunch. They’re not entirely wrong. We work hard and play harder. Here’s to Avante 2020!

If you wish to host amazing unique events, reaching out to audiences young or old, drop us an e-mail at hello@avante.com.my.