Celcom Project Star - stage launch

Celcom Project Star was launched on the 12th of February at Sunway Pyramid, Orange Atrium. It was a grand launch covered incredibly by the media.The event is also called Celcom Choose MEGA™. The main direction is to switch users to transition to the new Celcom plans from their current ones.

There are 2 plans: (1) MEGA™ Unlimited M (RM18) and (2) MEGA™ Unlimited L (RM68). The best part about the Celcom MEGA™ Unlimited plan is that users can trade-in their unused data for Boost e-Wallet cashback! Unused data of 5GB and/or 10GB can be credited to your Boost account.

The activities held during the media launch was the demonstration of the new product. On-ground engagement of Virtual Reality and Kinect allowed the press to participate and experience amazing connectivity for themselves.

The event continued as a roadshow from 12th to 16th February. Here, visitors could participate with one of the 5 stations of the Virtual Reality and Kinect. Also, when visitors who purchase the products during the roadshow could redeem themselves freebies – Vouchers worth RM10. These vouchers are from popular brands such as Kyochon, McD, Starbucks, TGV, Haagen Dazs and AEON shopping vouchers. 

Furthermore, passersby who are engaged by the emcee get a chance to answer a few questions about event promotions. Participants with correct answers will be given a KAX doll as a gift!

If you would like to host amazing launches such as Celcom Project Star, mall activations and roadshows, drop us an e-mail: hello@avante.com.my today.