If you had told 17-year-old me that I would get to live out my dream of being part of an event planning company, I would have laughed that comment off and dive back into my books.

Fast forward to 7 years later, here I am, working with Avante, a youth marketing agency. Though it had only been a week, I was given the chance to check out one if their events on my first day! It was the media launching event for Pediasure’s new honey flavored milk.

Sure, it was daunting having to drive in a new city at night but as soon as I got to the rehearsal, it was worth it. I saw how the event’s team worked their magic way into the night, making sure every detail was borderline perfection. How they all managed to look amazing and stay alert despite having 3 hours of sleep shocks me. I went home earlier than everyone else and still looked like I was wasting away.

Which was no surprise as to why the client was beyond happy with the results. The event went without any major issues. Yes, there were some minor bumps but they were dealt with swiftly and calmly. The team had everything organized and the decorations were stunning and well thought out.

Just by watching them, it’s safe to say that being in this industry requires you to think on your feet, have resilience and a really strong caffeinated heart. Plus, they even made a little time to make sure I was coping well with the event. Which was sweet, seeing as all I helped do was give out samples, in which I drank a lot of.

I am ever so grateful for the opportunity and being a freshie with a graphic design background, it was all foreign territory for me. A job of a graphic designer rarely requires you to talk that much since our designs do most of the talking for us. In an event company however, communication is key and I dare say silence is lethal.

As someone from a small city, surrounded by mountains and hills, it was all very glitzy. I was naïve enough to think “must be fun to have a job where all you do is organize parties”. Boy! Was I wrong. The amount of work and months of preparation that goes into a 6-hour event is overwhelming.

Cheers to the event team for making so many events turn out amazingly and hats off to everyone that works in the creative industry. It might be hard work but it’s clear that they all love what they do, so I guess in a way it isn’t so much as work as it is a life’s mission.