We are super excited to be working with Nestle’s Milo for their Milo’s campus roadshow called Campus Take Over Campaign 2019. The event is from September until November 2019.

The goal of this campaign is to visit students and staff at campuses to give out some free Milo cans for them to enjoy. This is to build continuous consumption of Milo at the Campus level. Since Milo trucks visit students at schools, why not at colleges and universities, right?

We are engaging with over 30,000 students in top universities the Klang Valley.

There were also flash mob performances on campus to gain the interests of bystanders. This was to build an interested crowd before the Milo cans are distributed to quench students’ thirsts! Looks like it worked!

Surprise students at campuses with your awesome products or service just like Milo’s Campus Roadshow! Drop us an e-mail at hello@avante.com.my