Avante kicked off 2019 with a company trip to Taiwan! Our tagline, ‘Taiwan Invasion 2019’ and we did it!

We didn’t know what to expect. First off, we had to catch a 7:30AM flight out of KLIA 2 which means we have to leave at 4AM to the airport. Which also means that we have to be awake by 3AM! Phew!

Everyone did a great job at being punctual and off we went. A 4.5 hour flight to a country that I would not have destined to visit. I thought, “Taiwan, just another city isn’t it? What’s all the rave about?”.

Boy, was I wrong.

THE best thing there is the night markets. This isn’t your typical Malaysian pasar malams. These night markets are filled with delicious delicacies and food that you can only imagine.


They had freshly fried squid (generous portions), XXL fried chicken, stinky tofus, beef noodle soups, Chinese tea to suit all tastebuds and so much more! Not forgetting their famous bubble tea too!

I think all of us put on a few kilos thanks to this trip. 😀

Not only was the food AMAZING, the natural beauty of the country was too! We managed to see an amazing waterfall at Shifen as well as release some of our well wishes for 2019 into the sky.




Let’s not forget the endless shopping and more night markets! We had such a blast.




Thank you to Avanterians and support from our clients to make this unforgettable trip happen!

So, here’s to an AMAZING 2019!


(*cough cough* Japan 2020)