Avante had an eye-opening experience with Ensure Gold where we had fun getting to know our bodies and how Ensure can help our bodies become stronger! #StrengthForLife!

#StrengthForLife is to educate and promote Ensure Gold to the public on the benefits of the product. It was an event held at Lower Ground, Center Court, Midvalley Megamall where the public were taught to pay more attention to their bodies and how strong (or weak) they are and what they can do about it.

There were several activities that event goers could participate in. We had the Hand Grip Test – to test the strength of your grip, Time Up And Go Test – which is a walking test from point A to point B and the Body Composition Test – to check your BMI and body fat percentage.

There was also the Strength Bicycle where participants could manually paddle a bicycle to motorise a blender to make their own watermelon juice! Not only that, new users got a chance to spin the wheel of fortune and product purchasers received a free gift. We had a blast and we hope everyone else did too!