PIXY Talk is a Beauty & Career talk hosted by Avante where university students are taught how to groom themselves from attire to makeup. We have been to UPM, UM, UKM and UITM Puncak Alam! Students who attended the talk received goodie bags which included 3 trial packs: PIXY Two Way Cake, PIXY BB Cream and Puccelle EDT.

Imagine going to an interview unprepared; your hair is messy, your clothes are unironed, your face is oily, you didn’t know how to dress nor look professional. Well, PIXY Talk indeed helped students of those campuses to be better prepared!

We reached out to over 150 students per campus who gained knowledge on grooming to prepare them for their future job searching and careers. We wish them all the luck in their future endeavors and thank you PIXY for choosing Avante.